Keep an eye on the scedule for next weekend.

Today’s Workout: 25 minutes to establish 20 rep max back squat 3 rounds 30 sit ups 30 KB Swings (1.5/1)]]>

18 thoughts on “Keep an eye on the scedule for next weekend.”

  1. Monday morning = fresh batch of Artie’s Paleo OnTheGo and you know what that means… “Fuel your temple”
    Please feel free to grab a meal and pay when you can my friends. Thank you for spreading the love last week and helping me sell all of the meals… If you are on FB please like the Artie’s Paleo OnTheGo page for updates, pictures and menus… Thanks!!

  2. #95 for 20 rep max
    went for #135 and failed at 17 reps…i almost cried.
    WOD 8:40/50 something with that big fat blue bell. thanks for making me do the heavier weight, elyse!

  3. Back Squat: 125
    WOD: 6:39
    It was awesome to see so many people @ 6:00, I think thre were 30 people

  4. 100# back squat 20 rep max. It wore me out for the WOD, which I think was 9:43. Thank you to Leslie and Moises for working with me on the back squats!!

  5. 165# for 20 rep back squate (Thanks for pushing me to do the heavier weight Eileen!)
    Then 10:16 Rx’d for the WOD.