4 thoughts on “Let's talk to one of the ladies”

  1. Time 11:24 16lb ball
    First time with the wall ball. My shoulders were feeling it towards the end. It was easier for me to keep my weight on my heels with me holding a weight in front. Definitely harder than expected. Another mental one

  2. Time: 7:27
    I literally couldn’t walk after sitting down for a few minutes on this one. It’s been awhile since a workout has paralyzed me.
    Shoulders went out more so than the legs during this so will have to work on technique for sure.

  3. Third time doing this in my short CrossFit career.
    7/12/10: 7:43
    5/19/11: 6:25
    9/27/11: 7:28
    I guess some days you got it and some days you don’t. Today was a don’t.
    Cannot wait to get the floor and the equipment in next week NapTown is going to be AMAZING!
    Come join us at our open house on October 8th! From 9-3????