Make Up Day

Can you Guess who was the captain of this team??? 


3 thoughts on “Make Up Day”

  1. Yay Team Will Wod For Bacon! Huge props to Yogi and Abby who did Saturday’s WOD today with just TWO people!
    Did Friday’s Death by 10M – 14rounds +14
    Then decided to join Virgil and Jenni for Tuesday’s WOD – fastest 1:56 – owed 12 burpees at the end.
    Fun Sunday class – I loved our Chick WOD for the Death by 10M!

  2. Worked on muscle ups today–progression is coming along!
    Shout out to Team WW4B: LOVE you guys!
    And Steph, TWO WODs?! Are you kidding me?! My. Hero.
    Sunday Funday–I hope more people can make it to the box on Sundays!