CFNT Community in Merritt's Words:

Power Cleans 3-3-3-3-3 Start with 750 m row 5 rounds 2 HSPU’s 4 power cleans 185/135 14 Box Jumps 20/16 Post L Sits 90 seconds total hold time

In her own words:

Greetings CFNT community! I asked the fabulous coaches if I could write a post for today that covers a couple topics, one being the amazing-ness that is our CFNT community and another about the In-Memory WOD for today.

Today’s workout has been chosen to honor the memory of two friends that unexpectedly left this world on this day last year. As the one-year mark rolled around I have been thinking about those friends and have recognized the importance of surrounding myself with friendly faces. So much has changed in the past year for me including moving back to Indiana, starting a new job, and of course, being introduced to CrossFit. I can’t say enough good things about CF and how it has changed my life. I am sure we all have a story about what made us walk into the CFNT box one day and say “yes” to the challenge of completing the mentally and physically tough WODs. Here is my story in a nutshell: I moved to Indy in October. My new job is located on Delaware St (across the street from CFNT) and each day I lived the commuter lifestyle, parked my car, and walked along the cultural trail to the office. Only two days living in the “real world” after being in the “academic world” for seven years and I was less than enthusiastic about this new lifestyle. I had moments where I wondered if anyone was actually happy in the city, since every person I walked by/drove by looked depressed or angry. My glass was definitely half-empty. Then one day, a person on a bicycle, Starbucks-in-hand, and a smile on his face rolled past me and simply said “Good Morning!” before continuing to stroll into the garage door of the an ordinary unmarked concrete block building. We all now know as this CFNT box. I paused and thought, “finally a happy person! Now what in the world is in that building- more happy people?” After work that day, I stopped by and talked to that friendly cycler, Coach Peter, and asked about it. I had heard of CF before, but never gave it much thought. I pledged to come back and try it out and long story short, became an immediate fan of CF. It is one of the best decisions of my life to join CF and since beginning in October, the benefits just keep coming. One of the best benefits, which I didn’t almost believe to be possible when Peter mentioned it on day one, is the idea of the gym as a “community”. As the months roll by and new members are joining daily, our community is getting better and better! During those tough WODs, I know that I am not alone out there because the CFNT community is always so supportive, encouraging and pushing me to give it my all. Events like this past Saturday at the Indiana Ice Hockey game where the CFNT group puts away the spandex pants and colorful sneakers for a night and hangs out remind me how lucky I am to be part of this community. I was scared to start a new chapter in my life in a new city, but thanks to the amazing CFNT community, I have met so many new people and made new friends! I want to thank each and every one of you that have welcomed me into your life!

So, on this day I want to honor my lost friendships, while also celebrating all the new friends I have made while being part of the CFNT community. Emily and Aaron were both very active individuals with an unbelievable amount of heart. So, please join me today in honoring them with an extra amount of determination and effort in the WOD! Happy Monday to all!

  *Photo- rocking the colorful Inov8 kicks: Leslie G, Megan T, Stephanie A, and myself]]>

19 thoughts on “CFNT Community in Merritt's Words:”

  1. Merritt, thank you so much for sharing your story and for allowing all of us to honor Emily and Aaron today. I have to second what you say about the CFNT community. It’s not always easy to get a workout in, but getting into the CFNT box, catching up with everyone, and yes, getting smoked by the WOD is ALWAYS worth it. Thanks to all who have welcomed me, coached me, and pushed me these past weeks!
    Power cleans (kept it light and worked on form): 35#
    WOD (scaled to a 12″ box, which was too short, 35# power cleans, and hs pushups off the box): 11:24

  2. power clean, sets of 3: 95, 135, 155, 165, Failed at 175, 165
    WOD: HSPU with ab mat and 15# plate, PC with 145#s, 10:55

  3. Thank you Peter for smiling at Merritt that day and bringing her into our community and thanks to everyone else at the gym who have helped make Naptown my home away from home!
    8:24 as rxed in honor of Emily and Aaron

  4. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and your performance tonight at CFNT in honor of my dear friends. It really meant a lot to me! Thanks to the wonderful group at 6:30 tonight
    Power Cleans_@33#-93#
    WOD_10:31 @63#PC
    The row really wiped me out from the start! Great job to my fellow 6:30 group tonight! You are all awesome!

  5. it’s good thing I’m a pretty happy person all the time. No time in life to be upset life moves on all the time, so no need to live it without a smile.

  6. I got through 4 sets tonight for power cleans: 185, 215, 225, 235…really wanted to try for 245/250ish, just didn’t have time.
    For the WOD (RX’d): 7:26
    That was a fun one. L-sits stink.

  7. What a beautiful story, Merritt. You capture so well what is so wonderful about CrossFit. It is so much more than burpees and squats! Anna’s dad and I appreciate tremendously your community there at NapTown and look forward to visiting for a wod when we are in town!

  8. Thank you for sharing your story Merritt!
    In memory of Emily and Aaron: WOD – 11:04 with 105# power cleans

  9. Merritt… It is truly painful when people are taken from us. I kknow it’s been a year but I prayed today that God would be seen in what happened to your friends, and that He would continue to comfort their families…..
    Worked up to 135 on the cleans (gotta get stronger!)
    WOD– 105 on the power cleans and a 25# plate on the HSPU’s
    11:00 flat

  10. Thanks for sharing, Merritt. I definitely feel like the community we have at CFNT is invaluable, and you’re a big part of that Miss Merritt:)
    I worked up to 93# on the power cleans at the beginning.
    I got 11:31 for the WOD with my power cleans at 83#. I was concerned that my technique was going to suffer a lot from the row at the beginning. I think I could have gone a little bit heavier and made the cap time of 15:00. Maybe…

  11. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers today. All your comments reinforce just how wonderful it is to be part of the CFNT community! 🙂

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