Myriad Cardio SUPERMEET

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #35

The SUPERMEET is back!!! CARDIO-style!!!

The SUPERMEET returns this summer to challenge and test your cardio endurance. We will be testing three areas of fitness:
Running 1 Mile
Biking for Max Calories in 1 Minute
Rowing for 20 Minutes to achieve max meters.

This friendly in-house competition will run a bit differently than our winter meet. The CARDIO SUPERMEET will run from 8a-10a, and will move in heats, with various members testing simultaneously. So find a friend or training partner and challenge them! This is also a great chance to test some benchmark workouts (more on that later).

This meet will run in a format similar to a fitness class, with a coach, rather than you testing at your own pace, unguided. Test your endurance, speed, and soul with the CARDIO SUPERMEET 🙂

CARDIO SUPERMEET is FREE to join and open to members from any program.

Group Warm Up Starts at 8am on Saturday, July 6th
Then Heats will run as you see below.
0-20: Run 1 Mile and rest the remaining time.
20-21: One minute Max Calories on Rogue Echo Bike
21-30: Rest
30-50: Max Distance (meters) on the rower in 20 minutes

Questions about the Cardio SUPERMEET during this episode:

  • What is this?
  • Why would you put me through such difficult workouts?
  • Who created such a thing?
  • Fine… I’ll be there… how does it work again?

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