Myriad Health + Fitness DEI Commitments

Approximately one year ago, Myriad formed a DEI committee that meets monthly. The committee consists of community members and staff members who are dedicated to increasing our DEI efforts. 
Since the formation of the committee we have accomplished several key goals:

  • We joined the Indianapolis Community Equity Cohort which has allowed team members to partner with Beloved Community to learn through several hours of training, reflection and discussion each month 
  • Evaluated our vendors and community partners to ensure we align from a values standpoint and built new relationships with vendors and community partners whose values align with ours 
  • Partnered to provide free classes for a variety of organizations 
  • Sharing additional information and resources surrounding DEI with our community members

In future months you will continue to see more from us, including a DEI survey where we seek to hear your input on how we are doing and where we can improve. In addition you will see us taking action on the following:

  • Be involved in more communities
  • Work to Ensure a Safe and Supportive Environment 
  • Increase the Diversity Make-up of our Staff
  • Equip Our Staff with Cultural Competency Tools
  • Increase Access to Myriad 

If you have questions or would like to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach out to