NapTown @ Home 4/13/20

For Stability and For Reps


  • 3 Rounds
  • :30 Side Plank L/R
  • :30 Bird Dogs L/R
  • THEN
  • 5 Rounds of 2:00 Work/2:00 Rest
  • 30 Step Ups/Split Squats
  • Max Chair Dips


  • 3 Rounds
  • :30 Overhead Hold L/R
  • :30 Bird Dogs L/R
  • THEN
  • 5 Rounds of 2:00 Work/2:00 Rest
  • 30 DB Step Ups/Split Squats
  • Max Shoulder to Overhead

Today’s workout comes to you in two pieces. Part 1 is three rounds of skill work, either holding a weight overhead to work on stability or working through a side plank if you do not have access to weight paired with a bird dog to also work on core stability and posterior chain activation. The second portion of the day for both groups is 5 intervals of 2:00 of work and 2:00 of rest. The work portion starts with a buy in of 30 split squats or step ups and finishes with a pressing movement for max reps in the remaining time. The goal is to make sure you are done with your step ups/split squats with time to work on the upper body movement at the end of each interval. Your score is the total number of dips or shoulder to overhead that you complete across the 5 intervals.

The step ups or split squats can be modified by using just your body weight or by using a wall or chair to support your balance as needed.

The chair dips can be made easier by bringing your feet closer to your body and bending your knees as you dip to let the legs do more of the work and the arms do less.
This workout can be made more difficult by using a weight for the split squats/step ups. If you have access to two weights of the same size, then you could use one in each hand held at your shoulders for a greater challenge to your legs and core.

The chair dips could be modified to using a chair on either side with your body in the middle and attempting to not have your legs on the ground at all for the highest level of difficulty.

If you are performing shoulder to overhead, then you could use a weight in each hand or perform a strict press (not using the legs at all) to make that movement more challenging.

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