NapTown @ Home 4/21/20

Core and Cardio

Part 1 – 3 Rounds:

  • 10 Hollow Rocks
  • 10 V Ups
  • 10 Tuck Ups
  • :10 Hollow Hold
  • 1:00 Rest

Part 2 – For Time:

  • 27-21-15-9
  • Thursters/Jumping Air Squats
  • No Push Up Burpees

This workout has two pieces to it, a skill portion focusing on the core and then a quick couplet for time to get your heart rate up. The core portion involves four different movements for the core followed by a 1:00 rest before completing the core complex again. The second portion of the day is a workout for time where you will perform 27 reps of two different movements, then 21 reps of those same movements, then 15 reps, and finally 9 reps.

The core portion can be scaled by by cutting back the number of reps of each movement, perhaps 5-7 reps of each instead of 10. You can also scale this portion by trading other movements in and out to make them simpler (like bending the knees for hollow rocks or swapping sit ups for v ups).

The thrusters can be made easier by perform them to a shorter depth or using lighter weights or no weight at all.

The no push up burpees can be made easier by putting your hands on a chair or table rather than taking them all the way to the ground.
This workout can be made more difficult by adding reps to the core portion of the day if 10 is easy for each of the movements above.

The second portion can be made more difficult by using two dumbbells for the thrusters to add more weight or by doing full burpees to the ground. The full burpees will make this workout longer and likely less intense, so think twice before avoiding that sprint stimulus!

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