NapTown @ Home 4/23/20

5 Rounds – 3:00 AMRAP/1:00 Rest:


  • 6 No Push Up Burpee To Tuck Jump
  • 24 Mountain Climbers


  • 6 DB/KB/ Plate Ground to Overhead
  • 24 Mountain Climbers

This workout is a series of intervals lasting 3:00 each with 1:00 rest between intervals. There are 5 total 3:00 pieces for this workout. During the 3:00, you will perform as many rounds as possible of 6 no push up burpees to a tuck jump or 6 ground to overhead followed by 24 mountain climbers. When the 3:00 is up, you will rest for 1:00 before starting back over at your movement for 6 reps.

You can scale this workout by performing your no push up burpees without a tuck jump or by elevating your hands rather than going all the way to the floor.

The mountain climbers can also be done with the hands elevated to make them easier.
This workout can be made more difficult by using a heavier weight for the ground to overheads or performing them with a weight in each hand rather than alternating sides.

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