NapTown @ Home 4/24/20

6 Rounds:


  • :45 Max Shuttle Runs
  • :15 Rest
  • :45 Max Russian Twists
  • :15 Rest
  • :45 Max Step Back Lunge to Knee Up
  • :15 Rest


  • :45 Max Shuttle Runs
  • :15 Rest
  • :45 Max Weighted Russian Twists
  • :15 Rest
  • :45 Max Step Ups
  • :15 Rest

This workout is six rounds of :45 work and :15 rest of three different movements. You will rotate through the three exercises for sic total rounds in the :45 work/:15 rest pattern. The shuttle runs can be done with as little as 10′ of space but can be modified to a line skater if needed for spacial reasons. Your goal is to keep a running total on your reps for the entire workout for one score at the end.

You can scale this workout by cutting the work intervals short or by doing fewer overall rounds.

The Russian twists can be scaled by using no weight or by keeping your feet on the floor as you twist.

The step ups or step back lunges can be made easier by using the hands for a bit of assistance and balance help.
This workout can be made more difficult by performing more reps, by wearing a weight vest, or by weighting your Russian twists and step ups.

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