NapTown @ Home 4/29/20

Part 1 & 2:

Part 1:

  • 10:00 AMRAP
  • Turkish Get Up + Windmill

Part 2:

  • 6:00 AMRAP/3:00 Rest x 2 Intervals
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Overhead Lunges R
  • 10 Overhead Lunges L
  • 20 Push Ups

This workout will begin with a 10:00 skill AMRAP working on shoulder stability, mobility, and core. If you do not have a weight that you can use for this portion, then you will perform the Turkish get up and windmill with an object you can find around your house like a shoe, water bottle, or soup can.

The second portion of the day is a 6:00 AMRAP that you will perform twice with a 3:00 rest between the intervals. You have a weighted movement here as well in the overhead lunge that can be done with a weight or with an object found in your house.

As stated above, you can drop the weight way down on Turkish Get Ups and Windmills as equipment and skill level requires.

The mountain climbers can be modified by elevating the hands to take weight off of the body and pressure off of the wrists.

The overhead lunges can be modified to a simple lunge without the overhead component and scaled back further by reducing the range of motion or using a chair or couch to hold onto for support.

The push ups can be modified by dropping the reps down, going to your knees, or by elevating the hands.
This workout can be made more difficult by using your weight for the lunges or by attempting big sets on your push ups and going faster.

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