NapTown @ Home 5/1/20

3:00 AMRAP – 1:00 Rest – 6:00 AMRAP – 2:00 Rest – 9:00 AMRAP:


  • 18 Good Mornings
  • 12 Tuck Jumps
  • 6 Walking Planks


  • 18 Deadlifts
  • 12 Hang Cleans
  • 6 Walking Planks

Your workout today features a triplet of a hinge movement, an explosive movement, and a core movement. You will do that triplet for three minutes before resting for one minute, then again for six minutes before resting for two minutes, and then finally for nine minutes.

If you do not have access to a weight then you will perform the good morning or a single leg good morning (or tipping bird) as your substitute.

The tuck jumps can be scaled back to a no push up burpee if the impact of the tuck jump is too great.

The walking planks can be done from the toes or scaled back to the knees to be easier.
This workout can be made more difficult by using a heavier weight for the deadlifts and hang power cleans.

If you do not have a weight but want a greater challenge, then try tipping birds instead of good mornings and add a no push up burpee to your tuck jump.

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