NapTown @ Home 5/4/20

Every 4:00 x 6 Rounds:


  • 60 Double Unders / Jumps
  • 30 Good Mornings
  • 15 Burpees


  • 60 Double Unders / Jumps
  • 30 KB/DB Swings
  • 15 Burpees

Today’s workout is an interval piece where you have four minutes to complete a set amount of work and you will rest with whatever time of the four minutes is left after completing said work. As soon as four minutes is up, you will begin the next round. The goal will be to complete the work written above in 2-3 minutes to have plenty of rest before the next round.

You can scale this workout back by decreasing the reps of each movement or just one movement if needed to ensure you get the work done in time.

If double unders are difficult for you, you can scale back to attempts or opt for singles instead. If you do not have a rope, then you can perform hops in space or a penguin pat instead.

KB or DB swings can be scaled to a good morning if you do not have the equipment.

The burpees can be scaled back by dropping the reps, performing no push up burpees, or elevating your hands.
This workout can be made more difficult by adding more reps to one or more of the movements to increase the difficulty of getting the work done in the timeframe.

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