NO FUNDAMENTALS TONIGHT – Coach Peter's Birthday!!!



CF Total (Squat, Press, Deadlift)


Olympic Total (Snatch and Clean & Jerk)



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8 thoughts on “NO FUNDAMENTALS TONIGHT – Coach Peter's Birthday!!!”

  1. Came in to do Olympic Total, but it turned into “Josh needs to work on his Snatch technique” day.
    I did a pretty solid 155# Power Snatch, but that’s because I was mostly worried about the beginning of the movement. Next up, getting under the bar more effectively!

    1. Thx for helping me with my lifts today. The input on the press worked well. Also thx for the encouragement on the squats.

  2. I did the CF Total with max on squats @ 285#, strict press (no legs) @ 140#, dead lift @ 245#. I may have been able to go heavier on dead lifts but ran out of time.

  3. did Wednesday’s WOD in 27:something with #95. its really hard to workout alone, but a HUGE thank you to butch and moi for my form corrections. hang cleans SUCK.

  4. So excited to hit 3 PR’s today. Didn’t think the Press was one.
    Back Squat: 275
    Press: 165
    Deadlift: 335
    I’m just 4 lbs shy of my Press goal and 5 lbs shy of my Deadlift goal. Don’t know which one I’m more excited about.