NO YOGA TONIGHT : Cubby Hole Clean Out



TODAY’S WORKOUT Mobility/Foam Roller (Holy Quads!) Jump Roping

WOD 5 Rounds 15 Hang Power Clean (165/115) Run 400 Meters

POST: Baby Squat Max Hold = 10 Mins. (1 Attempt for a Max Hold)

Tabata Situp OR Rx’ed Plus = GHD Tabata


Cubby Hole Clean Out

Retrieve your Items by Wednesday, August 29th or they will be lost forever.

Since we missed the “Spring Cleaning” season we will be following up with a “Fall Cleaning” season.  We’ve accumulated a significant amount of “Stuff” over the months and would like to return your items to you.

We have shirts, shoes, and lots of Water Bottles.  Please ask Coach Peter or Coach Jared where the Lost and Found items are being stored so you can be sure none of it is yours.  Otherwise it will be donated to a good cause.

Deadline:  Wednesday, August 29th


19 thoughts on “NO YOGA TONIGHT : Cubby Hole Clean Out”

  1. 22:55 at 75#
    Slow but happy that I’m finally starting to add some weight.
    11 for tabata sit ups

  2. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but apparently my previous post didn’t take…
    21:08 as RX’ed
    Tabata GHD: 5 (HUGE Abdominal cramp in the middle of set 5)
    Baby Squat hold for a few minutes, but didn’t track the time very diligently.

  3. 14:42 as prescribed
    11 on tabata situps although I started out doing hollow rocks because i apparently cannot read

  4. 23:09 subbing in 500 meter rows for the running (did something to my ankle & every step on the warmup run was painful).
    10 was my minimum on tabata situps.

  5. WOD_25:57
    Grip was difficult because of damaged hands; struggled with this workout but decided to make lemonade out of lemons and was very meticulous regarding my from. Thanks to Merritt for all of her feedback!
    PostWOD_11 was my min (all round were 11-13, consistent)
    Tough day. Worked hard. Win.

  6. 23:56 at 65# for the WOD and 7 or 8 for tabata. I struggled with the hang cleans – I am nowhere close to grasping the hook grip switcheroo

  7. Just under the 25min cap on the WOD, but I think I get the power/hang cleans finally! (if these fresh bruises on my thighs are any indication…) Used 10lb weights for hang cleans
    8 was lowest on tabita