Old article revisted

Today’s Workout: “30-20-30” Squat Clean Technique (beginner) or Squat Clean 3-3-3-3-3 (advanced) 13 minutes to complete 6 rds of Cindy (5 pull ups/10 push ups/15 air squats) and find 2 rep max front squat from clean Post- Do 3 burppes in a random place today, and see what kind of reaction you can get from people. Bonus points if you get it on video. Post it to our Facebook page.  Best video of the day gets a free Muscle Milk. HAHA  ]]>

24 thoughts on “Old article revisted”

  1. Wooo-hooooo i did my first workout with a red band, THEN did my first un assisted kipping pull ups! No band! And Karen did too! Woooo-hoooo!

  2. Front squat 95#. Did Cindy w/ blue band, push ups on knees. Need to move on from the knees soon…
    Congrats to Jena and Karen for your pull up accomplishments!

  3. Super pumped! Just over three months at NapTown and got my first ever unassisted pull up today!!! Thanks for the push Jared! Made my weekend!
    Congrats Karen and Jena too…CrossFit NapTown is rocking!!!
    Cindy: Red band and 4 rounds full push up, two with knees.
    #83 Front Squat

  4. Big week! Finally gave up that green band crutch a few weeks ago. Blue band to red band for workout this week and an unassisted pull up (many more to follow).
    Good work Jena and Becca!
    Cindy: Completed all 6 rounds w/ red band. Next goal is to quit doing push ups with my knees.
    #105 front squat from clean. Could have increased weight more, but ran out of time :/ definitely still underestimating myself with weight capabilities.

  5. Cindy rx’d. First time doing squat cleans, the technique got easier once I put a little weight on the bar. Thanks to Jared for showing a video of what it’s supposed to look like, that helped a lot. Two rep max at 105#.
    Congrats on the pull ups Jena, Karen and Becca!!!!!

  6. Cindy RX’d. 185 on FS. Not bad. Great job Karen, Jena and Becca.
    Thanks for the Pep talk Jared. Definitely will consider doing that.

  7. 95# squat
    only got through three Cindy rounds with green band, then had to add a red one. also only got through about 20 full push-ups, then scaled to knees