Paleo Challenge Measurements Today

“Run of Show” for Today’s Classes: There will be a designated Warm Up on the board for all members. During the Warm Up we will be taking Measurements and Before Pictures as we want all measurements done before the workouts today. PALEO WOD #1 Strength Max Push Ups (One Minute) Max Sit Ups (One Minute) {Both will be judged and scored by a Coach} PALEO WOD #2 “Fran” 21-15-9 Pull Ups Thrusters (95/65) **NOTES** Whatever we used as our scale on April 14th for the Pre Challenge WOD Workouts we use today!  Look at the picture! [caption id="attachment_3080" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Know What You Need to Beat!!!"][/caption] ]]>

26 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge Measurements Today”

  1. Pu/situp
    Fran: 5:53 – 0:47 less than last time!
    Down 5# this challenge, but 41# lost since January!

      1. Thanks, Merritt! Although, I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement and inspiration from yourself and everyone else at the gym!

  2. Pushups: 31- knees
    Sit ups: 34
    Fran: 10:19 53#, green
    Paleo and Margie did not get along very well so I’ll be the example of what not to do!
    Awesome results Josh!

  3. PU: 45
    SU: 44
    Fran: 10 something. I’m going in tomorrow and working on kipping!
    Great job to all the 6amers. And a big Happy Birthday to Kim!

  4. 12:16 Fran
    Almost a full 2 minutes faster than 30 days ago.
    Congrats to everyone for finishing the Paleo Challenge. Let’s keep up the work and continue improving.

  5. 36 pushups /40 sit ups
    Down 8 lbs. but up 1min on Fran. I’ll take it. Thanks everyone for the best 6am class ever!!

  6. PU: 37
    SU: 57
    fran: 5:27 (#65/blue)
    down 6 lbs & 1:26 on fran!

    1. are you ladies getting 30 plus push ups on your knees or feet? just curious 🙂 awesome job. cant wait to get back in there….

      1. feet for me…although i got yelled at for lifting my feet on the hand release a couple times 😉

      2. Mine are from the toes too. Hand release make them a little faster for me for some reason… Come to Friday AM Eileen!

  7. How awesome is it to see all this success. Nice work everyone.
    25 Push-ups (increase of 7)/34 Sit-ups (increase of 1…abs of flab).
    Here is the real fun one. Fran 7:07 (65#/green)…which best my time from 28 days ago by 2 min 58 sec. Down 6.5# (which puts me under 200 for the first time in years…awesome).

  8. Okay, kiddos, here it goes….
    Max pushups today was 25. The first time around I got 14, so I improved by 11. I’ll take it since I recently put pushups on my sucklist…I’ve been going after them!
    Max situps today was 48. I got 40 situps the first time around so I improved by 8.
    My Fran time was 9:24 Rxed. The beginning Paleo Challenge Fran was the first time I did Fran Rxed, which was a big deal to me. I didn’t expect to take much time off of it since it really hadn’t been that long, BUT…my original time was 11:04 so I took off 1:40. Booya! Take than, Franny!:)
    Thanks for the support, CFNT! You’re an awesome community!

  9. Pushups: 34 (scaled from knees) <– an increase of 7 since last time
    Situps: 34 <– an increase of 3 since last time
    Fran: 8:43 (35# and a green band for pullups) <– 2# increase and 1:02 faster than last time. I still think my pullups were the world's ugliest, but oh well, something to work on.
    Also, lost 5#. That is all. 🙂

  10. Pushups 41 (+6)
    Sit ups 39 (+6)
    Fran 9:02
    Lost 7lbs.
    I’m a believer. Nice job everyone!

  11. Push-ups (regular): 35
    Sit-ups: 39
    fran: 7:42 (#65/green & blue
    Increased push-ups by 12, sit-ups by 6, and bested my Fran time by 2:55! Oh and the best part – down 9.5lbs!!!
    Thank you thank you to our wonderful CFNT family for putting this fantastic challenge on and being the best support system ever!!

    1. Congratulations Stephanie!!! I knew you would destroy your previous Fran time! And getting an extra 12 pushups is fantastic!! You deserve a post-paleo challenge treat now… I wish I could share my paleo carrot cake cupcakes with cashew nut frosting 🙂

  12. Max Pushups_30 (18APR12 @ 26)
    Max Situps_45 (18APR12 @ 49)
    FRAN_6:32 @65# and red band PU (18APR12 @8:14)
    Overall I am surprised by my decrease in Fran time and look forward to getting off the red band and having a truly RX’d Fran time. Thanks to Erica and Moises for their extra motivation tonight to keep me moving!

  13. Amazing work to all!!!
    So I won’t contribute all the success stories to the Paleo Challenge but I will most certainly contribute it to the amazing dedication and effort each of you put in on a daily basis.
    The best part from here… you can only get Faster, Stronger, and Fitter!!!
    We look forward to more future progress.
    Congratulations to all!!!!