Paleo Challenge Weigh-Ins/Measurements & Yoga Wednesday

The Paleo Challenge ends this Wednesday, May 16th.

What does that mean?

Come in Wednesday prepared to do the following:

1) Be Rested for the Post Paleo Strength (push ups and situps) and MetCon (Fran).

2) Wear the same outfit/shoes you had on for the Weigh In.

3) Be prepared to take “After” Pictures with appropriate clothing. (Men- Shorts, Women- Swimsuit or Sports Bra)

4) Be prepared for hip/waist ratio measurements.

5) Be intelligent if you choose to incorporate processed foods back into your diet following the challenge.  (More on that in a future article)

[caption id="attachment_3071" align="aligncenter" width="592" caption="Couldn't Be More Proud of all the Support we Received in Columbus this past Weekend. Thank You All!!!"][/caption] Today’s Workout Power Clean Technique WOD 20 EMOTM (Every Minute on the Minute) 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Power Clean (Moving up in weight if you are ok’ed by a Coach and technique is still good) POST: 8 Turkish Get Ups

YOGA is back this Wednesday Night @7pm – Please email for more info 15 spots available! Limited number of spots available. 


15 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge Weigh-Ins/Measurements & Yoga Wednesday”

  1. Highest successful couplet: 215#
    Highest attempt: 225#
    I hit the 225# Power clean (New PR by 10#!), but couldn’t catch and reset for the hang clean. Attempted a hang clean later without the initial power clean and failed.
    Great effort all around today at 6AM! Lots of technique improvements!
    Focus on your form and I promise you’ll feel a LOT better about your cleans after today!

  2. I promised myself I would start recording my info!
    Successful couplet 79.5#
    Since I’ve never recorded my info in the past, I have no idea if this is an improvement so let’s just call it a PR, shall we?

  3. Great morning crew!
    Worked to 95# on the duo.
    Got a 105# power clean, which is a PR for me! By at least 10#’s. It was the shoes…thanks Kim!

  4. WOD_up to 110# for PC + HPC
    I was able to PC 115#, but couldn’t get the HPC. I am really happy with the end number, but my goal was 120# so I still have some work to do.

  5. Still a new movement for me, so working on technique.
    Highest successful couplet: 130#

  6. successful couplet: 145 lbs
    5 sets at 145 (too large a jump in weight early on – bad at math), back down to 125 to work on technique for 5 sets or so, then tried 150 at the end, but failed on the hanging clean.

  7. man that in between transition is tricky! got up to #110 on the PC + HPC. got the #115 PC, but failed on the HPC. i really wanted #120 too merritt.

  8. New pr 265# for the couplet. See you guys in a week. Going to Virginia Beach. Gonna hit up a gym when I’m down there and represent Naptown Crossfit!

  9. 135# for the couplet – I ended up doing the last 10 rounds at this weight and failed at the hang power clean on the last 2 rounds. I should have stayed lighter longer
    145# power clean

  10. I was able to get 105# on the couplet, but the HPC was hard in transition. My shoulders and hands were really feeling that drop to the hang position. I got a new PR power clean at 120#. Thanks to Coach Jared B. and Coach Martin for the push!

  11. 95# – new PR
    I wasn’t paying attention to the weights on the bar, and I was lopsided most of the workout.

  12. #135 max…happy with this weight since this has been a movement I have struggled with for a long time