6 thoughts on “PALEO meeting SUNDAY at 6:30”

  1. Chad- We are currently in the process of getting the email up and running. Having difficulties with doing so today.
    Fingers crossed it will be operational by the end of this afternoon.
    NOTICE: Early this am the post had the wrong dates for the start of the Paleo Challenge.
    It is NEXT Wednesday, April 18th.
    Be Prepared!!!
    Be Ready!!!

  2. 7:41 on 60 yard sled pushes with :30 rest for 10 rounds
    i got 9:33 when we did it in March so HUGE improvement plus i wasn’t gasping for air at the end!!!
    28:16 on 1 mile sled pull with #90

  3. 10 “naked” sled push, 30 yards down and back counts as 1.
    Between 13-18 seconds. Total time 7:06. Would like that one of 18 seconds back.