8 thoughts on “Paleo Meeting Sunday at 6pm”

  1. Rod-glad to be attempting to chase you down. I will try and go friday mornings if its your usual time. That was fun this morning.

    1. Hey Bryan, nice work…especially considering the hand stand push ups you did yesterday.
      I will be trying to come in Tuesday and Friday mornings so I can get home early on those days. Monday and Wednesday I’ll be at the gym between 3:30-7:30 assistant coaching the last two classes and doing strength/skill/mobility before I participate in the 4:30 class on those days.
      split jerked 265 (failed at 245 just a couple weeks ago)
      WOD 9:31 as rx’d which was a PR by 5 MINUTES from when I did it as Regionals not even a year ago. Of course the 1k course at Panama city was probably more like 1.4k and was up and down a mountain, but still…

      1. moisesito, that is awesome! when i saw the wod, i was anxious to see how you did sine i remember how you struggled with the HSPU at regionals. awesome work.

    2. bmacfoshizzle, i am so glad you and jared are working out together again! just like ol costa rica days. i miss them! hope to see you around sat if you are gonna be there. tell missy hey!!

  2. somewhere between the last few workouts I’ve done, my hand stand pushups are missing. did sets of 10, 6, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2. In regionals I did 14, 10, 3, 3.
    WOD RX’d: 10:54, lost 10 seconds from my first time doing this in regionals. Although I was fresh, rested, and in competition mode at that time.
    overall I’m feeling pretty great, had a lot of work over the last few days and really enjoying this weather!

  3. Eileendreamteam, I had such a blast this morning. I was just thinking about cr the other day…the good n bad and I wouldn’t trade it for nuttin. I may stop by tomorrow am. Count me in rod

  4. I think my time this morning was 13:49, but heavily modified due to lack of HPSU skill. However, I managed to actually get some range of motion and cranked out 15 in sets of 2 or 3. Definitely something to work on in the future!
    Thanks to Moises for helping me finish strong on the rower!

  5. Split Jerk – 83lbs
    WOD – 13: 40?? I wrote down the WOD and then forgot to write down my time. Whoops. Really liked this workout. I used 25lbs + an ab mat for the HSPU.