Paleo Meeting tomorrow at 6:30pm!

[/caption] The Spring 2012 Paleo challenge meeting is tomorrw, Sunday, at 6:30pm. The actually challenge starts on Wednesday, April 18th. The details will be discussed tomorrow at the meeting at the box. If you cannot make it, please email and let us know you want in. YOU ABSOLUTELY must be able to attend class on Wednesday or Thursday to do the Paleo baseline WOD and measurements. Again, email if you cannot make Wednesday or Thursday and please provide a valid excuse, (your dog ate your car keys is not valid).    

Today’s WOD

Chipper 750m ROW 5 muscle ups (sub 10 chest to bar pullups/sub 12 pull ups) 15 push press (75/65) 30 wall balls (20/14) 45 Box jumps (20/24) 60 Sit Ups 75 Air Squats 90 Yard Sprint]]>

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