Partner WOD..AMRAP Style

Team 20 MIN AMRAP 2 people teams 100 airsquats to Med Ball 60 cals on row 50 burpees onto plates (25/15) 40 over head walking lunges using that plate 60 sit ups (can anchor each others feet if you want)]]>

5 thoughts on “Partner WOD..AMRAP Style”

  1. Virgil and I ended up w 1 round and 39 calories on the rower.
    I really loved the intro/pick your own warm up! That was a great ice breaker!

  2. 1 round + 56 calories on the rower.
    This was a fun one! Also, 11 DUs as a post workout. Sice 2 weeks ago I could only do 1, I’m calling that a win!