S&F Programming Preview : 10/4-10/10

kicking the week off with our deadlift strength piece, working a heavier percentage again as our goal for the day. Our workout will be a benchmark test full of running, KB swings, and pull ups!

taking another step forward in our squat cycle today, this time dropping down to doubles for our pause back squat work. Your workout will be a nice spicy piece with moderately heavy front squats and time on the bike!

getting into a longer AMRAP for our mid week fitness – be ready to work through some carries, a light barbell, and a pair of gymnastics movements for a nice long sweat session.

starting our day out with a bit of unilateral accessory work for the upper body and lower body in an alternating EMOM. From there, we will work into an AMRAP full of single side DB work, core work, and box jumps for a fun AMRAP.

starting the day out with a one rep max test on the barbell. Today will be a great day to test where your strength is at currently with Olympic lifting. Our workout will be a retest of a portion of an old Open workout – an ascending ladder on DBs and bodyweight work.

kicking our weekend fitness off with a bit of pressing strength work, focusing on strength endurance with a bit of higher rep sets. Our workout will be a spicy triplet of core work, DB pressing, and time with a jump rope.