S&F Programming Preview : 5/17-5/22

getting our work week started with accessory work for your posterior chain, core, and pulling prep. This will build into your workout for the day – a triplet of heavy pulling on the barbell, pull ups on the rig, and box jumps. You will have rest after each interval to help you keep your intensity high as the workout goes along.

working through a series of TABATA sequences today, pairing the bike with pushing work to keep building push up volume as we prepare for Murph in a few weeks. We will close the day out with unilateral core and shoulder strength and some light banded work for the shoulders to help promote some recovery to that area.

working with the barbell to start the day, building up on some pressing work before diving into your workout. This will be a bit of descending ladder work on your jump rope paired with some heavier step overs for a fun and spicy couplet.

getting our day started with some longer running work as more preparation for Murph. This is infinitely scalable so please do not let the workout scare you, everyone can be successful and get fitter with today’s workout! We will close the day out with a quick AMRAP full of cardio, gymnastics, and some KB work before calling it a day.

getting back on the barbell today, this time getting heavy with multiple reps on an olympic lift. We will then move into a longer workout with a moderately heavy barbell and burpees for a fun triplet to close out the work week.

getting in a partner workout for our Saturday, working on a rower with a barbell and some grip work thrown in as well.