S&F Programming Preview : 5/24-5/29

we will be kicking off the week with a bit of core and shoulder prep for the day ahead. Your first working piece will be a one rep max test on some pulling before diving into a benchmark workout to close out the day.

after a lot of lifting and a fast workout to start the week, your Tuesday will be a longer cardio-based workout. We will close the day out with a bit of accessory work for the side abs and posterior chain.

starting the day out with some heavier barbell cycling for a strength piece. Your workout will switch gears to some jump roping, light DB work, and bodyweight work.

sticking with strength work to begin the day today, this time working on strength and control in our back squat. Your workout will be a combination of another squat variation and some burpee fun!

bookending our work week with another max out text, this time with an olympic lift. Your workout will be a fun interval piece with lighter barbell work, gymnastics on the rig, and some rowing.

working through some accessory work to start out the weekend, working on your hamstrings and single leg strength. Our workout will be a mid-length AMRAP with bodyweight movement to get you moving before Murph on Monday!