S&F Programming Preview : 5/31-6/5

we will be kicking off the week with Memorial Day Murph!

after a long and tough workout on Monday, we will be easing into this short week with a rotating EMOM full of movements that can be taken easily or pushed hard depending on what you did over the weekend. We will be taking some extra time at the end of class today for some mobility to ensure everyone is recovered for the rest of the week.

getting on the barbell mid week, working on touch n go cleans for a nice combination of strength and skill. Your workout will be a triplet of light weight movements and box jumps.

working on some skill movements to begin our Thursday in an alternating EMOM format. Your workout will be a couplet of jump roping and core work with biking thrown in on the minute to slow you down.

back on the barbell to close out our work week, this time working on our pressing strength. Your workout will be a quick and spicy AMRAP with some fast-paced DB work.

getting the weekend started with another barbell piece, this time staying light and working on cycling movements. Your workout will put those skills to the test in a longer partner chipper full of mostly barbell work and a bit of gymnastics to close it out.