S&F Programming Preview : 6/13-6/18

kicking the week off with a little squat into a split jerk complex to build up your strength and technique for your clean and jerk. Our workout will be a quick triplet of DB movements paired with some core work to start the week of with a bang.

getting our Tuesday started with some accessory work for the upper body, pairing pulling and pressing with some isometric holds. Your workout piece will be a longer AMRAP working through mostly bodyweight movements with pressing, jumping, pushing, and squatting.

working on some cardio capacity to begin our Wednesday, working off of our 5k test from last week! Your workout will feature the rower paired with sit ups and step overs in an EMOM fashion.

back to work on the barbell today, focusing on cycling and grip work. Your workout piece will feature a DB and pull up work in a fast moving AMRAP.

getting our day going with squat work in a test of your high rep squat strength! We will then work through a fast interval piece with a light weight barbell and low rep burpees to close out the work week.

closing our week of fitness out with a cardio interval fest with running, biking, and double unders in a spicy interval piece.