S&F Programming Preview : 7/12-7/17

getting the week started with strength and explosive work. Our workout will be a test from the recent last chance qualifier – a spicy couplet of rowing and DB snatches!

back on the bar today, this time switching our focus to upper body pressing work after Monday’s lower body session. Our workout will be full of gymnastics work for a fun mix of skill and speed.

kicking the day off with some isometric hold work to prep for the day ahead. Our main piece of the day will incorporate more gymnastics work paired with cardio for a longer mid week workout.

after a few weeks of 10s on squats, we will be backing down the volume and the load this week as we focus on SPEED. We will retest our 10 rep max next week! Our workout will be an interval piece with :30 of work and :30 of rest for max reps on some light barbell work and jump roping.

back on the barbell to work our positioning with the clean this week in the same fashion as we worked the snatch last week. Our workout will be a small variation on the hero workout DT for a spicy end to the week!

getting the weekend going with a partner AMRAP full of barbell and cardio work! Be ready for a long grind today with a buddy.