S&F Programming Preview : 7/19-7/24

kicking off our week with some fun accessory work. This will feature some core skills, unilateral strength work, and shoulder accessory fun. Our workout will be a spicy descending ladder of chest to bar pull ups and burpee box jump overs. Join us today for a great sweat to start your week!

getting some work in on the barbell today with a clean and jerk complex. Complexes like this are a great way to work on your technique and to build up your strength. Our workout will be a couplet of rowing and light squatting for a quick and dirty piece.

back on the barbell again today, this time building on our bench test from last week. We will be working higher repetitions and pairing them with bodyweight pushing to really up the challenge. Our workout will be an interval piece working with a lighter barbell for a nice sprint-like piece.

after a few week shorter workouts to start the week out, we will be working with a longer AMRAP today to change up the stimulus. Enjoy a nice combination of cardio and core work for your Thursday fitness followed by some shoulder and posterior accessory work to close out the day.

testing day!!! We will be retesting our 10 rep back squats after working on lighter percentages and building up our volume over the last few weeks. Your workout will be another benchmark test – a girl workout featuring a moderate barbell for 30 reps.

getting the weekend going with a longer AMRAP that can be done as a partner workout to share the fun or on your own if you are looking for a greater challenge. Join us for running, DB work, and jumping this weekend!