S&F Programming Preview : 7/25-7/31

getting our week started with some pulling work accessory work with strict pull ups and single arm high pulls. We will then shift into a nice benchmark test to get our week started with Fight Gone Bad. This is a great interval workout with 1:00 intervals on a series of light weight, fast-paced movements.

working into more bench press and pushing work this week with a goal of heavier weight than last week’s work. Our workout will be a nice mental challenge with high rep DB step overs and jump rope work every 2:00 to break things up and slow you down.

more barbell work today, continuing to focus on our olympic lifting positions. Our workout will be a nice DB interval piece with lots of single side work.

getting into a nice long workout today full of running and heavier KB work. Join us today for a longer sweat session after some shorter intervals earlier in the week.

back on a barbell to close out the week with tempo squat work. Our workout will be a nice chipper with cardio, high skill gymnastics, and a heavier barbell.

closing out the week with a spicy couplet of a fun gymnastics movement and the bike! We will close out the day with a bit of core work to finish out with a bang!