S&F Programming Preview : 8/16-8/22

getting the week started with a one rep max test on our bench press! We will get started with some shoulder prep to get you ready for that test and then close the day out with a couplet of a weighted burpee variation and the jump rope.

more strength work to start the day, this time working through a clean complex incorporating power cleans, full cleans, and more squat work. Our workout will be a triplet with a light barbell and a pair of gymnastics movements in some fast paced intervals. The goal will be to move fast and keep moving in today’s workout with simpler and light movements that you can move through quickly for the shorter interval before enjoying a little rest to keep the intensity up.

working into some isometric hold accessory work to kick off the day before diving into a cardio heavy workout. Get ready to run and row today and work on building up your engine!

working into some pulling and posterior chain accessory work to kick off the day today. Our workout will be another triplet of bodyweight movements in a longer AMRAP.

closing the week out with some pressing strength work on the barbell. We will move from there into a descending ladder of cardio and barbell work. Your barbell will be a moderate to heavy olympic lift with low reps to challenge your technique and intensity while dealing with an elevated heart rate from the cardio piece.

closing the week of fitness out with strict gymnastics work to start the day out. Your workout will be a long AMRAP using a wall ball for each of your movements.