S&F Programming Preview : 8/2-8/7

getting our week started with some time on the barbell, working our way up in weight in a clean and jerk complex. This will build into a benchmark test of one of the most classic CrossFit workouts out there!

kicking our day off with the workout piece first to start the day. This will be a little couplet challenging your cardio and grip strength, pairing the bike with a strongman movement. We will finish the day off accumulating time in some challenging isometric holds for a nice core finisher.

back on our bench press progression for your mid week strength work. Our workout will be a mid-length AMRAP with lots of core work with a DB and med ball and another DB pressing movement to change up your pushing angle after the bench work.

getting the day started with some cardio intervals to get some intensity into your rowing before diving into part two of the day. We will be working through a nice little chipper with a nice mix of cardio and bodyweight movements paired with light to moderate barbell cycling.

closing the work week out with some speed squats to focus on power out of the bottom of your squat. Our workout will be some spicy intervals with running, lungeing, and KB work.

closing out our week of fitness with a partner workout full of high reps on the bike, jump rope, and pull up bar. Grab a friend for your fitness today or come solo to perform a modified version on your own!