S&F Programming Preview : 8/23-8/28

getting the week started with a one rep max test again this week, this time testing out our front squat. Our workout will be a couplet of wall balls and box jumps bookended with some cardio for a mixed up twist on a benchmark girl workout.

sticking with the barbell to begin the day today, this time working on some olympic lifting position work. The goal will be to build heavy in weight before switching gears to a light barbell paired with a rower for the workout portion of the day.

getting our day kicked off with a bit of accessory work for your core and shoulder stability. Your workout will be a little triplet with some plate movements and toes 2 bar.

our workout today will be a nice little gymnastics triplet to get things going – you will have 20:00 to get through that and use the remaining time to get heavy on a lift. We will begin the day with some technique work to get things going before starting the main piece of the day.

closing the week out with some pressing strength work on the barbell, getting lower in reps than last week with the goal of building heavier in weight. We will work into a nice rotating TABATA with some dumbbell presses and cardio work on a machine and with a jump rope.

closing the week of fitness out with some nice interval work with running, core work, and overhead squats. Be ready to push the pace to get your rest before getting back into the next round!