S&F Programming Preview : 9/6-9/12

group class at gym

celebrating the holiday weekend with a nice and sweaty MOVE workout!

working some pulling on the barbell to start the shortened work week. The weight will not be too heavy so we can focus on excellent technique and just get ourselves moving after a long weekend. Our workout will pair the same movement at a lighter weight with some gymnastics work before capping the day off with a core finisher.

lots of work on the barbell today! We will begin with some Olympic lifting technique work in the form of a complex. Our workout will build directly on from that strength work with a series of AMRAPs. Each interval, you will add weight to the bar to get a slightly different stimulus from each portion of the workout.

working on our explosiveness and athleticism today by pairing a heavier lift with some work on the box to get your fast twitch muscles working after the heavier lifting. We will close the day out with a simple couplet of bodyweight work with a carry every few minutes to slow you down and break things up.

closing the work week out with some time on the barbell working on our Olympic lifting again. Our workout will be a nice descending ladder of higher skilled movements on the pull up bar and barbell with some cardio thrown in to elevate your heart rate even more.

working with a partner today on a 9/11 tribute workout. You will have a good mix of DB movements paired with some cardio to work through with your partner today.