S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 2/8-2/13

getting the week started with pressing strength work that will lead nicely into our workout today. Your workout will be an interval piece with one pacing minute and then two max effort minutes for a nice combination of intensity and recovery.

back on the barbell today for squat strength work. Your workout will be a two round couplet with higher reps of two movements that people have a love/hate relationship with. Come in today to push yourself and get mentally tough!

working into a longer workout today with a good mix of cardio and bodyweight movements. We will start with a bit of strict gymnastics and core work to get the day going before diving into the long, steady state AMRAP.

working on the barbell again today with another pressing variation, this time working at the racks with this higher level skill. Our workout will be a fast paced interval piece with a light barbell and a burpee variation.

after a fast-paced, high intensity workout on Thursday, we will be slowing things down a bit with a more cardio based workout to close out our work week. There will be some gymnastics thrown into this piece as well to help break up the cardio. The day will finish out with a bit of banded accessory work.

spending our Saturday with a workout honoring a fallen firefighter. You can read about Keithroy Maynard here. We will spend the rest of February featuring workouts on Saturday honoring POC as we celebrate Black History Month.