S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 2/22-2/27

getting the week started with a bit of pressing strength work on the barbell. Your workout will be an EMOM featuring strict gymnastics work and cardio with two paced minutes and one minute with a goal of max reps that will be your score for the day.

taking on another old open workout for our Tuesday fitness this week. This test paired an increasingly heavier barbell with work on the box and later pistol work. Most people will not finish this workout so be ready to test how far you can get in the allotted time.

switching our focus to bodyweight movements today with a good bit of shoulder and core stability work in a long AMRAP. We will start with our workout today and then finish the day out with a skill piece.

getting the day started with positional work on our snatch that will help you to focus on finding your hips and being fast underneath the bar. We will close the day out with a couplet pairing running with some light barbell work. The weather should be warmer by today so we are going to encourage everyone to get outside, wear layers!

starting the day with a bit of time on the barbell, focusing on our posterior chain with a pulling variation. We will close the day out wit a bit of interval work with the rower paired with squats and swings.

getting outside again today in your workout with a hero workout honoring the late Ahmaud Arbery. You will be pairing the run with a bit of core work, box jumps, and a DB movement.