S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 2/15-2/20

getting the week started with pulling work, focusing on staying in control of the movement rather than letting momentum carry us today. Your workout will be a descending ladder featuring a pair of barbell movements and a gymnastics piece.

we will begin our Tuesday with a barbell complex that will work on building some volume in our squat and jerk while getting heavier. Your workout will be a choose your own adventure day with a pair of higher rep movements, a light barbell and work on the pull up bar, that you can choose to break up any way you would like.

slowing things down to begin our Wednesday with unilateral accessory work for the lower body and shoulder and midline areas. Your workout today will be heavier on the cardio with high intensity intervals with rest in between to help you maintain a high output over the course of the workout. Pack your jump rope today!

starting today off with a quick Olympic lifting EMOM to build to a heavy single in the power snatch before diving into an old open workout. This workout will feature a dumbbell movement paired with a burpee variation.

getting our Friday started with a light bit of accessory work to prep our pull and gymnastics shapes before diving into a partner workout. This workout will feature a cardio piece performed with your partner before splitting reps on a med ball movement and rig movement.

spending our Saturday with another hero workout, this time honoring Breonna Taylor. The workout features a series of barbell movements to work through in a chipper like fashion with work to do every minute on the minute to slow you down.