S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 3/15-3/20

Step 3

getting the week started with a long AMRAP pairing cardio with DB work for a nice sweat session to start the week.

working on the barbell today with strength work for our front squat. You will be working off of percentages from our recent 3 rep max test but can make a guestimation as needed. Our workout for the day will be a triplet full of lightweight barbell work and a bit of gymnastics.

sticking to the barbell again today, this time building up to a heavy single on some olympic lifting with EMOM work. We will close out the day with a lighter barbell paired with running in some intervals for your workout piece.

working into a medium length AMRAP for two rounds today with some basic bodyweight work and cardio for a workout that can be as intense as you want it to be before taking on week two of the open in class on Friday!

week two of the open! We will find out the workout on Thursday evening and get after it in class today.

working into another benchmark girl workout to close out the week as we continue to celebrate women’s history month.