S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 3/22-3/27

getting the week started with a bit of heavy squat work with the objective of getting some good volume in with heavy weight and lower reps. Our workout for the day will be a triplet featuring some time outside (running shoes not required), a fun DB movement that we do not test too often, and cardio time.

working through some single side accessory work for the first part of our day today before diving into a spicy couplet. This will be a fast workout featuring a lot of pulling with cardio and gymnastics modalities.

back on the barbell today, this time working up in a shoulder to overhead variant. We will close out the day with a medium length AMRAP with an Olympic lift paired with bodyweight movements.

getting into a partner workout for the day featuring some longer cardio performed together before splitting up.

the third and final week of the open! We will find out the workout on Thursday evening and get after it in class today.

final benchmark Girl’s workout Saturday as we close out women’s history month!