S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 3/29-4/3

getting the week started with a barbell complex to work on our olympic lifting positioning. We will close out the day with a high rep chipper on the barbell with a penalty run any time you break up the work.

starting the day off with a two round leg burner with weighted step ups and calories on the bike. We will finish our day with some tricep accessory work, pairing some weighted work with banded resistance.

working through a long AMRAP for your main piece of the day that will feature mostly bodyweight work and one moderate barbell movement. We will spend the warm up today building up to that working weight and prepping your core for the day.

working through some pause squat work today for our strength piece. You will then work into intervals with a farmer carry paired with the jump rope for a spicy grip and cardio piece.

closing the work week out with another bit of Olympic lifting technique work. This will build into your workout today that will pair running with lifting along with a nice rest to keep your intensity high.

getting the weekend kicked off with gymnastics accessory work paired with some hip extension work that will prep you for the workout ahead. We are working into a fun AMRAP triplet today featuring a light barbell, a box, and a higher level gymnastics skill.