S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 4/19-4/24

starting our week off with olympic lifting technique work before putting that work into action in your workout for the day. We will be doing a pair of intervals with jump roping and an ascending ladder of heavy cleans to test your strength while out of breath.

after a shorter workout on Monday, our Tuesday will be a longer cardio piece full of running and rowing with some gymnastics and lightweight squats to round it out. Today is a perfect preparation day for Murph in a few short weeks!

more barbell work to get us going mid week, this time focusing on our posterior chain with a pair of accessory-type lifts. These will build nicely into our workout with more pulling and intense cardio in a spicy couplet.

starting our Thursday off with more strength work for our squat. Your workout will be a 10:00 AMRAP triplet full of squatting, swings, and burpees.

ending the week in the same way that we began it with Olympic lifting technique work, this time with a different movement. Your workout will be a high rep chipper pairing work on a box with work on a barbell.

closing our week of fitness out with accessory work for core and shoulder stability before diving into a bit of interval work. Your intervals will feature a set amount of cardio before diving into max reps on the pull up rig under fatigue.