S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 4/26-5/1

kicking the week off with pulling strength work with a sumo variation on our deadlift. Your workout will be a triplet with a moderate deadlift and a pair of bodyweight movements in a descending ladder.

sticking with strength work to begin our Tuesday, this time working on your clean, front squat, and jerk. Our workout will feature some bodyweight work and lighter clean and jerks for a spicy little couplet.

getting into some accessory work to start the day, working on grip strength and a pair of isometric holds. Our workout will be a full on cardio frenzy with running, jump roping, and burpees in a series of intervals.

working with the front squat today with a focus on technique and precision over strength. Our workout will be a fast paced bit of intensity pairing the bike with air squats for a true leg burner.

closing the work week out with an ascending ladder of push ups and dumbbell snatches. We will close the day out with accessory work for your shoulders and midline before calling it a day!

getting the weekend kicked off with a triplet featuring running, rowing, and gymnastics skill work for a longer piece. You will start the day with some in square agility work to prep us for the running to come in the day.