S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 5/10-5/15

getting our week started with unilateral lungeing and press work. Your day will finish with a lot of Murph prep full of running and bodyweight work in an interval fashion.

working with the barbell to start the day, getting some technique work in the snatch and overhead squat. This can be a day to stay light and work on excellent form or you can build up if you are comfortable with it. Your workout will be a fast AMRAP with jump roping, gymnastics, and some light DB work. We will close the day out with a little accessory finisher.

working with the barbell to start the day, building up in our split jerk or working technique. Our workout will be another interval piece, this time with a heavy barbell and a bit of higher level gymnastics work.

after a few shorter workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be working through a long and cardio-heavy workout for our Thursday!

getting our day going with some front squat strength work! Your workout will be fast and furious couplet with wall balls and burpees for a fun close to the work week.

working on some gymnastics work to get the day started before diving into our weekend workout! You will be partnering up today with some high rep work on a cardio movement, bodyweight work, and a moderately heavy barbell.