S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 5/3-5/8

getting our week started with tempo pulling and pushing work to get us moving. We will then work into a longer two round workout with cardio, DB work, and light gymnastics!

working on the barbell to start our day, working on our pull with conventional deadlifts this week. Our workout will be some shorter AMRAP intervals with a lighter barbell and core work.

working on a longer AMRAP today with mostly gymnastics work and some cardio. We will begin the day with a brief bit of EMOM work as a bit of preparation for Murph in a few weeks.

back on the barbell for more strength work, this time working on our pause squats. Our workout will be a quick 5 round piece with light squats and a jump rope.

working on the barbell again today, this time with some olympic lifting position work. Your workout will be a piece combining light barbell cycling with a burpee variation.

getting the weekend kicked off with more strength work with a pressing variation. We will then work through a fun variation on the Girl workout Jackie with running and time upside down instead of rowing and pull ups.