Squat Clean 1RM = 1 Rep Max

Skills Advanced Skills Session Beginner/Intermediate Squat Clean Technique Everybody Together 1 Squat Clean… :00 1 Squat Clean… 1:30 1 Squat Clean… 3:00 1 Squat Clean… 4:30 1 Squat Clean… 6:00 1 Squat Clean… 7:30 1 Squat Clean… 9:00 1 Squat Clean… 10:30 1 Squat Clean… 12:00   **** LAST REP **** 1 Squat Clean… 13:30         *OVERTIME* 1 Squat Clean… 15:00         *OVERTIME* GOAL: We are trying to work ourselves to a 1RM for the Squat Clean.  


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  Squat Clean Videos He misses the Jerk.  But watch the slow motion view of the hips and the explosiveness on the Squat Clean. Rewind the first 6 seconds over and over and over!!!  Crazy power in the Squat Clean.  He hits the Jerk but we are not doing the Jerk today, just Squat Clean.]]>

20 thoughts on “Squat Clean 1RM = 1 Rep Max”

  1. Ugh- 120# . Old, old front squat PR is 160#, so I would like to see this number go up a LOT.

  2. #125
    got under #135, but just couldn’t stand up with it out of the bottom of the squat…which i hung out in for about a minute & a half.
    also, def buying lifting shoes. thanks anna 😉

  3. 245 today. Fun day for me. PR is 255, but not every day can be a PR day. Time to get some work done!
    Keep it up everyone and keep posting your scores! This is great for us to see and it is easy for us to link back to! Keep IT UP!

  4. Adam Lassetter

    265 today, not sure on the PR, however my lack of mobility struck again keeping me from #275. A somewhat wise man today said sometimes you have to forgo the weight and focus on proper form and depth… See I actually listen, I just choose to hear what I want most of the time.

  5. 235, a new PR, felt I had more to go as well, but didn’t want to ruin technique. Thanks Anna for the tips on getting more out of my lift!

  6. Scrapped the WOD and just worked on technique. Got to 63# and definitely could’ve gone heavier.

  7. Sarah K from Fort Walton Beach

    110 # today
    Thanks for making me feel at home in your Crossfit family!
    See you soon.

  8. did this on Thursday.
    i was limited by technique and wasn’t shooting my elbows through.
    worked up to 175#s.

  9. WOD_worked up to 115#
    I was doing a lot of thinking during this one and couldn’t just pull it all together once the weight was tough. Need to work on releasing my hook grip so I can get my elbows higher!

  10. 45
    Thank you Coach Jared for your patience teaching me this skill! All the good, bad and at times ugly technique-but I had to start somewhere.
    One day we’ll be able to say “Remember the first time…”