Strength & Fitness Weekly Programming Preview : 1/18-1/23

getting our week going with a bit of unilateral pulling and pressing work paired with time on the rower for the first portion of the day. The second half of the day will be a longer workout alternating between cardio and bodyweight movements for a longer, sweaty start to the week.

sticking with the unilateral theme today, this time focusing on the lower body. Our workout today will be an ascending ladder of moderate weight deadlifts and a burpee variation.

getting on a barbell for some pressing strength work to start out your hump day. Your workout today will be an interval piece with another pressing variation paired with high intensity cardio.

more barbell work to get your Thursday started, working today on our Olympic lifting and squat strength. Your workout will be a fast triplet working with a light weight barbell and some gymnastics work.

starting your Friday off with an alternating EMOM with a pair of movements to focus on your midline stabilization. Your workout will be a series of isometric holds paired with jump roping work.

getting the weekend going with more technique work on the barbell before diving into a tough workout. This will be a two part workout with two fast couplets pairing burpees with a barbell to start and cardio to finish.