Strength & Fitness Weekly Programming Preview : 1/24-1/30

getting our week going with a bit of strength work focusing on the overhead squat. We will then move into a fun workout featuring a moderate barbell and box jumps.

working through a long AMRAP for out Tuesday. We will spend a lot of quality time warming up and getting prepped before getting into the cardio and bodyweight heavy workout.

back on the barbell today to work up to a heavy single on a shoulder to overhead movement. We will be pairing that with a cardio piece focusing on going hard followed by a longer recovery to keep your intensity high throughout each interval.

more barbell work to get your Thursday started, working today on our Olympic lifting. Our workout will feature a fun mix of dumbbell work and gymnastics in a moderate length AMRAP.

starting your Friday off with an alternating EMOM of strict gymnastics work. We will close out the day with a couplet featuring gymnastics and unilateral DB work.

getting the weekend going with another strength piece on the barbell. We will close the day out with a longer workout featuring med ball work and isometric holds.