3 thoughts on “Super 46 Chipper”

  1. It took me a while at 29:31, but I did pull ups for the first time sans the red band. While I only did 23 instead of the full 46 I am still very proud of myself. I think I may have been able to do more if my hands/ grip would’ve held out. I ripped them, of course, I’m still pretty excited about my progress. I thought something like that many pull ups would take forever to achieve, but I did it in under three months. Thanks, CrossFit NapTown. You guys all rock!

  2. Late Comment- but I was sick this weekend and didn’t get to it, so here it is:
    WOD_”Super Chipper” = 26:30
    (scaled pullups with red band, wall ball 12#)
    Those double unders get me every time!