Super Bowl Weekend is here…Super WODs too?

(2/5/12:46) 2 rds 5 power snatch (115/75) 12 power clean and jerk (115/75) 46 Back Squats Post 10 Cart Wheels 5 dominant side 5 week side if daring attempt 1 handed cart wheels.  ]]>

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Weekend is here…Super WODs too?”

  1. first time doing snatch in a wod 🙂 stayed with 35 lbs, but i that was pretty light…next time 🙂
    65 lbs for clean and back squat. 13:36
    also, for post paleo
    31 pull ups
    i got a few more reps on the wod, but nothing too significant, but i guess any improvement is a good one.

  2. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6th… the 6am and 9am Classes will be CANCELLED…
    This Monday after the Super Bowl, the 6 and 9 am classes are Cancelled. Scheduled resumes as normal after that.
    Noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm.
    Call if you have questions 317-632-8820.

  3. First day back after a week and half away from the gym. Although I did workout on my own while I was traveling, I could definitely feel that I had been out of the gym longer than my usual, especially when we were doing our skills portion.
    WOD: 10:28 (53 lbs). I felt like I probably should have added an additional 10 lbs, but I guess there’s always next time.
    It was fun to have out-of-towners in our gym for the Super Bowl. Neat to talk to people who are setting the same types of goals for themselves and involved in the CrossFit community in places far away.

  4. WOD: 10:57, did it RX.
    I really leave there a bit discouraged when I am not on the ground dragging. In part, it’s because I went first and didn’t get to see times to go after, but I need to learn to push myself without those times and just go to exhaustion.

  5. Late Post:
    WOD 2 rounds: @53# = 7:20
    _5x Power Snatch
    _12x Power Clean (no jerk b/c of shoulder)
    _46 back squats