SWIFT Programming Preview : 5/17-5/22

getting our week started with a pair of alternating EMOMs. Each will have a minute with a set amount of work with the intention of giving you rest before the following minute is full of max reps for a score for the day! One will be a combination of core work and a burpee variation while the second will pair cardio with a weighted burpee variation.

spending our Tuesday with a longer triplet as fast as you can for five rounds. You will work with a bodyweight movement, a box, and a jump rope for today’s activities.

after two days of lighter weights, we will start today off with some weighted accessory work before diving into a faster workout. You will be pairing a squat variation with a weighted core movement for your workout today in a quick descending ladder.

a little more accessory work to get us moving today, this time focusing on shoulder stability and strength paired with some balance work. Your workout will be a longer AMRAP with running, swings, and push ups.

spending more time outside on our Friday this week, this time slowing it down with longer grip work to start and finish your workout. These carries will be the bookends of a quick little couplet to be performed in the middle with you and a slam ball!

after a few longer workouts to close out the end of our week, we will be switching gears with a faster interval piece. You will work with a little cardio sprint followed by max reps on some core work to keep you moving for the entire interval before a nice rest period.